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Types of car bike racks


Bicycle racks are generally divided into three categories according to the location or the way of fixing the bicycle.

Top mounted bike rack

Also known as a roof bike rack, it fixes the bike on the roof. The advantage is that it can run fast while carrying a bicycle, professional, safe and stable, and is deeply loved by cycling clubs and professional athletes. The disadvantage is that after the bicycle is fixed on the roof of the car, the height will increase significantly, and the passability will be affected to a certain extent; the most stable and safe overhead bicycle racks in the world all adopt the design of double arms, such as the German Giro. Bicycle Rack and Japanese INNO Bicycle Rack

Back bike rack

It is fixed on the rear tailgate and is connected to the sheet metal gap of the rear tailgate by a metal hook, which generally does not affect the opening of the rear tailgate. The advantage is that it is more convenient to pick up and place bicycles than an overhead bicycle rack. The disadvantage is that the metal hooks that play a fixed role will have a more or less impact on the price of the car body. Sometimes the bicycle is hung in the air, which may block the license plate.

Trailer Ball Bike Rack

It is also called a ball-type rear tow hook bicycle rack. Many vehicles can be equipped with a 50mm diameter tow ball at the rear. This is the standard tow ball in Europe. The tow ball can be used not only for RVs, motorcycles or other equipment. It has the advantages of both the top-mounted bicycle rack and the back-mounted bicycle rack, and overcomes their shortcomings. It is the most fashionable bicycle rack in the current world market. Because of its high price, it is usually installed in high-end bicycle racks. SUV, MPV or high end.

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