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How to install a car bike rack?


The bike rack can be mounted on the roof without worrying about blocking the license plate. First you need two basic rods. Since bicycle frames are usually mounted longitudinally, two transverse basic rods are required. Most models have reserved openings for the original roof rack, and a few models need to be drilled for installation. After the base frame is installed, select the appropriate bicycle frame.

Depending on where or how the bike is secured, bike racks are currently divided into three categories: overhead, spare, and trailer ball. The downside of elevated bike racks is that some people, especially girls, have trouble putting bike racks on the roof. An elevated bike rack can only hold one bike. If more than 2-3 bikes are installed, more bike racks must be installed. After the bicycle is fixed on the roof, the height increases significantly, and the passability will be affected to a certain extent.

The advantage of the backup bicycle rack is that it can carry more than 2-3 bicycles, has strong expandability, and can avoid collision in the event of a rear-end collision. The downside is that the single frame on the rear of the different models is relatively limited. SUVs, off-road vehicles, hatchbacks, and sedans are all different choices with or without a spare tire. Unlike those on the roof, you only need to choose the right crossbar and buy a single frame.

Trailer-type bicycle racks are also called ball-type rear tow hook bicycle racks. The rear of many vehicles can be equipped with a tow ball with a diameter of 50 mm, which is the common standard for tow balls in Europe. The tow ball can not only tow an RV, jet ski or other equipment, but also carry a bike rack. It is often installed in high-end SUVs, MPVs or high-end commercial vehicles, and is very popular among business people and female customers.

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