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Who invented the crossbar lock?


The crossbar lock, also known as the shackle lock, was invented by Alfred Charles Hobbs. He was an American locksmith and inventor who made significant contributions to the field of lock technology during the 19th century. Hobbs gained recognition for his expertise in picking and designing locks, and he became known for his ability to pick the famous "unpickable" Chubb detector lock.


In 1851, Hobbs successfully picked the detector lock at the Great Exhibition in London, which earned him international fame. Later, he invented the crossbar or shackle lock, a type of padlock with a shackle that moves in a crossbar motion. This design added an extra layer of security to the lock, making it more resistant to picking and manipulation.


Alfred Charles Hobbs' contributions to lock technology helped advance the field and improve the security of various locking mechanisms.


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